The Ohio Crisis Response Team

Responding to communities in
  the aftermath of traumatic events

Team Responses

The members of the Ohio Crisis Response Team (OCRT ) have responded to the following types of incidents (no identifying information is provided to protect the confidentialiy of those served):

Ohio Responses

*Ohio Prison seige involving hostages and the need for family assistance services
*Industrial accident involving the death of an employee on a coal ship
*Robbery and homicide of an employee at a fast food restaraunt
*Death of an agency employee as a result of domestic violence
*Accident involving the death of a railway employee crushed in front of co-workers
*Missing person in a small town, later found to have been murdered by another known person in the community. The offender commits suicide afterward.
*Car crash killing six students in front of their school at dismissal time, with witnesses
*Death of a small child crushed at a recreational center, with witnesses
*Floods in Ohio, devastating large areas resulting in need for shelter/assistance centers
*Death of an employee in an automobile dealership after building was hit by a  tornado
*Community hit by a tornado that killed one and destroyed three churches and  homes
*Assault of an elderly woman in a small town by a juvenile also known to the community

National Responses

One or more OCRT members have participated on the following NOVA national crisis team deployments:

South Carolina- Derailment of an Amtrak passenger train with fatalities
Indiana- Air Force plane crash into a local hotel
New York- murder of two cheerleaders in a small community
Missouri-homicide during a parish community fish fry
Oklahoma City- Bombing of the Murrah Federal Buikding
Ohio- Prison Siege involving death of a correction officer
Alabama- Abortion clinic bombing- Death of a police officer and critically injured nurse
Kentucky-School shooting with fatalities
Arkansas-School shooting with fatalities
Oregon-School shooting with fatalities
Indiana-Police officer involved in shooting , line of duty death
Texas- Natural disaster- flooding
New York/New Jersey- September 11th terrorist attacks (rotating OCRT team members from Sept, 2001- June 2002)
Gulf Coast- Hurricane Katrina
Georgia-Courthouse shooting involving multiple fatlities

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